Everyone can dream.
We help the poorest families to dream again by defeating extreme poverty.
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The bottom 20% Indians take a year to earn what the top 0.1% earns in half a day. The ultra-poor need an urgent and sustainable model to escape the poverty trap.

The Leap 300 Stack

We help the poorest families to build a business in 300 days. We do this by giving cash directly to them. No conditions attached, no repayment required. Our north star metric is to get them to a daily income > $2.1 pp in 300 days, i.e. above the extreme poverty line.

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Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj is the Founder of WhiteHat Jr, acquired by BYJU’s in the fastest startup exit of its size in India. He’s also a bestselling novelist whose books have sold more than 200,000+ copies in India and optioned for movie deals. A striving yogi, Karan has taken three year-long career sabbaticals to pursue his interests in spirituality, writing and hiking.

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